Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This 8th grader from Pomona Can Sing

Just listen. 

Living in Pomona Can Be Taxing

Pictured above: just one of Pomona's many tax services.

One business that is booming in Pomona is apparently that of tax preparation. From the longstanding H&R Block on Garey, the "Across the Street Tax Service" that is "across the street" from The Garden on Garey (hence the name I guess), to the newly built from the ground up Sierra Tax Service, Pomona has us covered.

Before Sierra Tax Service went in I kind of wondered what was being built kiddy korner from Curly's Key Shop. They had the funding and high hopes to take an empty lot, build a brand new building and even - brace yourself- landscape it! I would have preferred architecture that fit more in with the historic area, but I blame the City for not making that happen. So welcome Sierra Tax Service to the corner of Palomares and Monterey. Hopefully Sierra will find itself along the Palomares Bike Path that will run from Lincoln Park to 2nd Street if this goddess' hopes and dreams ever have their way. In the meantime, it's kind of located in a not so pleasant stretch to bike or walk through to get downtown. So perhaps it will offer a small beacon of light to that stretch.

Just got my taxes done this morning, but if you need a hand today, try out one of Pomona's many tax preparation companies.

P.S. I wanted to get a decent photo of the lady liberty sign spinner at Garey and Holt. He wears glasses, has a lot of spirit and always makes me smile as I go through that intersection. If anyone snaps a good photo of him, please email me and I will post him on the blog! However, by tomorrow, the day after tax day, he may be just another fond Pomona memory...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Have You Hugged Your Pomona Park Today?

The circular park in the middle of Lincoln Park is timeless and beautiful: at dusk, in the morning, in the afternoon and even at night. There is yoga and hooping there on Saturdays, and walking, playing and green grass to roll on every day of the week. Have you hugged your local Pomona park today?

I would love to explore Ganesha Park too. Ganesha Park seems mystical to me, almost too mystical in that I would only want to check it out in a group setting. While drop dead gorgeous, it does not seem well traveled and appears to have lots of nooks and crannies. Does anyone know a good walking trail or know if anyone ever conducts tours there?

And of course there's Garfield Park down on Holt, home of Pomona's only outdoor Goddess of Pomona statue. So don't even be dissing the ladies on Holt Street!

Now stop reading here and get out to your local Pomona park!

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Hillbillies Next Door

It's been a few years since I was offended for my city of Pomona by something printed in the Daily Bulletin. Usually it's the nastiness towards us in the comments section. But a couple weeks ago, my mouth dropped while reading an article about the public comments made at a La Verne meeting surrounding a proposed Walmart grocery store opening up there. The usual reason that people are against a Walmart coming to town is that it kills other businesses in the community by being able to undercut everyone (usually at the Walmart employees' expense). But in La Verne, some at the meeting had a problem with a Walmart being built there simply because it will make LaVerne look too Pomona and low class, and will attract people from Pomona into La Verne.

First off, Pomona already has a Walmuart. It's one of the few chain stores we have here. The Pomona Walmart is in Phillip's Ranch, a place which also tries to distance itself from Pomona, when in fact it is part of the city of Pomona. So since Walmart is one of the stores Pomona actually has, well I don't think people will be flocking to a LaVerne branch. Also, Pomona has the same sort of Walmart grocery store going into the current "99 Cent Only" store space at Towne and Arrow Highway. The 99 Cent Store will be moving to another unit in the same complex. I'm not thrilled to be seeing another Walmart coming into Pomona. The La Verne City government should be applauded for opening up the Walmart issue for discussion, as opposed to Pomona's city government which seems to believe any business is good business.

So to all the La Verne hillbillies out there: make fun of us for our city council and mayor, but please don't talk bad about a whole town of some of the best people and consumers your Walmart will never know.

In other local hillbillie news, did you hear they had a group of students at Claremont High sneak a confederate flag into the senior class picture. So be proud to live in Pomona where we embrace diversity and love our 99 cent stores and college degrees alike.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Magic Buzz in Pomona

I am thinking this goes in the "Oh no they didn't" category. The former site of Mel's Burgers and way too many smoke shops since, at the fabled corner of Palomares and Holt, is the brand new "Magic Buzz" smoke shop. I kid you not.

A google search reveals that this is actually Magic Buzz #2.

Which kinda reminds me of the horror movie they filmed in Lincoln Park last summer called The Pact #2, coming out in 2014. I guess Pomona is a good place for sequels. The question is whether sequels are good for Pomona.

Should be interesting to watch...

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Pomona Sprouts

New things sprouting up in Pomona this Spring:

1) The 305 Chinese Restaurant at Palomares and Holt. Their sign even uses an image of a Lincoln Park peacock. I haven't tried the place yet, but I do like seeing a new peacock in the neighborhood! It's the first time that building has housed a non-Mexican restaurant since I've lived here.

2) The "Monterey Station" apartment buildings at the corner of Monterey and Garey slated to open in the summer. Being built by the Realm Group, the same Newport Beach firm that built the Helix building on Palomares. If you go to their site, Realm also designed another mixed-use Pomona apartment complex called The Palomar. I have no idea where that one is going in, but it's exciting to see the new residential building going on!

As for Monterey Station, the brick facade is just going up on the east tower and the palm trees went in a couple weeks ago. Once complete, the development should transcend that whole block. I'm psyched!

Slowly but surely, the downtown business and arts district is creeping up toward Lincoln Park. I'd say the time is ripe for Pomona to grow a bike path!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween in Lincoln Park Pomona

Even the tree fungus is in a festive mood here in Lincoln Park, Pomona. I had wanted to take a photo of this last year, but I waited and missed this pumpkinesque moment. Serves as a reminder to always seize the moment. Happy Halloween my fellow Pomonans.

The Pomona Cemetery will be on the Pomona Home Tour this year if you'd like to extend Halloween in Pomona a little longer. I'm told there will be vintage hearses, art deco mausoleums and highlighted graves of interesting Pomona folk. More info at Pomonaheritage.org.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pomona Home Tour Sunday November 3, 2013

The 29th Annual Pomona Heritage Home Tour will be on Sunday, November 3, 2013. Four homes are on tour this year. Three of which have NEVER been on tour in 29 years. Two of them are homes you probably never even knew existed!! Also on tour is the beautiful Pomona Cemetery with two stunning art deco mausoleums. Tickets are $20 presale, or $25 the day of the tour. You can purchase tickets online at pomonaheritage.org or at Frantz Cleaners or the Ebell Museum. This tour is child-friendly, with children under 13 free and students $15. A whole day event that starts at the Ebell Theater where there will be an antique and craft faire Ebell opens at 10 a.m., tours starts at 11 a.m. and run to 5 p.m. Come on out and support Pomona. THE END

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pedaling for Bikepaths in Pomona

All these years later and Pomona still doesn't have a bike path system. This despite the fact that two planning students at Cal Poly Pomona designed one many years ago. Heck, Pomona doesn't even have a bike path anywhere that I can see besides a stretch on Bonita that is the tail end of the Citrus Bikeway. Big and I have been doing a lot of biking in Pomona lately and the problem is always how to best get anywhere outside of our little pocket of Lincoln Park.

How hard can it be to get a can of paint and do bikepaths along Palomares, Orange Grove and Arrow Highway. Thus connecting Pomona bike paths to the Claremont bike paths. And all of this is good for Pomona business, by the way. On a recent ride, we got pizza at Valentino's as a reward on our way home.

I've come to the conclusion that bikepaths in Pomona may never happen. If they were going to, it would have happened while Darryl Grigsby was here, but it didn't and now he is gone. I am sure there's a meeting scheduled somewhere soon in Pomona to talk about the bike paths, but meetings and talking don't do any good when you and your Pomona kid are looking for the best bike path to ride around, about or out of town. It's gotten to the point where we ride the treacherous streets of Pomona to Claremont in order to ride on a bike path in Claremont. What is ironic is how many more bike riders I see on the streets of Pomona than in Claremont, yet no bike paths in sight. Like I always say, it's the cheap fixes where Pomona fails, and fails miserably.

This Saturday morning, being the first of the month, is the monthly Ride Around Pomona event. If you are interested in safely riding around Pomona for a day, check it out:

Otherwise, if anyone has paint of any color they can donate to the City of Pomona for that fantasy rainbow bike path in the sky, well do it already. But whatever you do, don't get your hopes up that Pomona will ever get it together to actually build that citywide bike path that magically turns around our economy and keeps us and our dollars close to home. It's too inexpensive, common sensical and too obviously the right thing to do for them to ever just do it. So we are on our own, so be safe out there and always wear your helmet!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chase Wars: Pomona v. Claremont

When I saw the landscaping they put in at Pomona's nearly complete Chase Bank last week - mostly bird of paradise and messy looking fan plants- I was kind of disappointed. I geuss I expected that the plantings would be similar, if not just as nice, as the ones they planted a couple months ago just down the street at the new Claremont Chase Branch. I decided to bite my tongue, questioning myself for being ungrateful since the lot was previously gravel for the 10 years I've lived here. Then this weekend two different neighbors commented on the inferiority of the landscaping at the Pomona branch versus the Claremont branch. So here I am feeling justified in my disappointment and typing it on the blog.

It's these little, inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, finishes that Claremont does, that when you add enough of them together, result in Claremont looking so much more put together than Pomona. No, I don't want to live in Claremont, though I admit to ocassionally fantasizing about it. LOL. I love Pomona's rough around the edges, hand painted sign, almost Felliniesque quality. But I hate when we don't get our due where we should. Maybe Ren will go out and take photos of both branches and I can link to them on his blog.

Chase is the dictionary definition of deep pockets, nicer landscaping was there for the taking. Heck, any city planner should have been able to get Chase to landscape the medians as well, as a good faith gesture. After all, they expect us to give them our money and have faith it will be there when we come back to get it.

Simple stuff adds up over time. Just look around. THE END

Monday, March 18, 2013

CAUTION: Bicyclists, peacocks and young men dying in Pomona

Late word that yet another Lincoln Park peacock, this one a mother of four, was struck and killed in Lincoln Park this morning at 7:45 at the McKinley and Monroe Streets. I don't even want to tell Mr. Big, because the flock hung out at our place so much last week, well it feels like the death of a friend.

Also I just found out yet another bicyclist has been killed on the bike-pathless-streets of Pomona. This is the second peacock and second bicyclist killed by cars in Pomona this month.

The city has needed to get out a can of paint and do bike paths for, well forever. From what I am told, students from Cal Poly Pomona designed an awesome, citywide bike path for free years ago, submitted it to the City, who pretty much ignored it. Meanwhile, Claremont's groovy bicycle zone signs and paths are everywhere. I know Darryl Grigsy got the Pomona bike path idea rolling again, but he's gone and there are still no bike paths. I's argue that a bike rider who is injured or killed in a City that does not supply bike paths for it's residents would have a decent claim against the City. Pomona needs to save lives and protect the City from future lawsuits by putting in some bike paths.

Maybe David Allen will do a column on the plight of Pomona bicyclists and the Lincoln Park peacocks? David picked up on the Curse of Downers Grove/ Film Pomona story for his Sunday column, perhaps saving a peacock will be the next feather in his newsman cap? Please?

The other thing constantly in the news in recent days is the shootings of young men going on in the area west of Stater Bros. I wish there was an answer to that problem as easy as a bike path or peacock caution sign. Very sad indeed.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Not Another Downer Post

Set decorating and filming were in high gear this weekend in Lincoln Park at the corner of Palomares and Columbia. Activity appears to continue tonight at two houses on the south side of the 300 block of Jefferson at Palomares. "The Curse of Downers Grove" is a horror movie about a curse that is thought to kill a high schooler each year in the Chicago Suburb of Downers Grove. Only it's really Pomona!

Brett Easton Ellis (of Below Zero fame) co=penned the screenplay. And one of the actresses from Twilight is in it as well. I saw one of the male leads circling the park yesterday. Never heard or seen him before seeing his photo of IMDB, but I recognized him right away!

Here's all the info on the film from IMDB:

Full cast and crew for The Curse of Downers Grove (2014)

Directed by Derick Martini

Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Bret Easton Ellis screenplay Michael Hornburg novel Derick Martini screenplay

Cast Lucas Till Kevin Zegers Bella Heathcote ... Chrissie Swanson Zane Holtz Penelope Mitchell ... Tracy Emily Davenport ... Senior Girl #2 Ina Lereine ... Friend at funeral (uncredited)

Produced by Jason Dubin .... producer Aitan Segal .... associate producer Oren Segal .... producer Chiara Trento .... producer

Cinematography by Frank Godwin (director of photography)

Casting by Eyde Belasco

Stunts Matthew R. Anderson .... stunt coordinator

Camera and Electrical Department Frank Godwin .... cinematographer

Casting Department Skyler Barrett .... extras casting Heather Sirota .... extras casting

Other crew Kohli Calhoun .... dialect coach: Bella Heathcote Lon Haber .... publicist

Oh and most important, FILMED ON LOCATION IN POMONA.

I watched the "Politics of Love" recently on netflix, which was filmed in Lincoln Park and downtown a few years ago. Neither of these films are Oscar winners, but it's fun to have Hollywood come to Pomona. As long as they go back.


Saturday, March 09, 2013

Safe to Plant in Pomona?

okay, per my research Pomona is in gardening zone 19, as is Claremont. Though it appears eastern parts of both cities may be in zone 18. Today I planted some seeds indoors, which I probably should have already done, but what's new. I'm wondering when "all danger of frost" has passed, so I can plant other seeds outside. I am thinking not yet, but when? If you google zone 19 and last day of frost, nothing of help really comes up, so I geuss one has to just wait until it feels right.

I just read on the Farmer's Almanac site that March is the month of the Full Worm Moon. This is when worms start casting, attracting robins. I should have known this since our chickens have been diving into the soil with such enthusiasm of late. Good for them, there's nothing like a good meal.

And here is the rest of it.

Friday, March 08, 2013

A Week in Pomona

Monday: saw the peacocks, about seven of them, on my street in the morning. Later, a group of three were along Palomares (which should be the first place to put up peacock caution signs). May they continue to keep one step ahead of the Inland Valley Humane Society and speeding cars.

Tuesday: For some unknown reason, I went to go vote.

Wednesday: admired Pomona from seven stories up when I performed jury duty. Pomona actually looks very lush and tree-filled from that vantage point. Until you look down at the ground, and see that god awful abandoned fountain in the middle of the court plaza. Clearly, it will never be a water fountain again, but can someone dump some dirt in there, plant a few succulents and call it a day? Yet another easy fix that illustrates how poorly managed this city is.

later Wednesday: got a flyer on my door announcing there will be filming at 394 E. Columbia in Lincoln Park on March 10. What are they filming?

Thursday: Trees are planted around the new Chase Bank at Garey and Foothill. Landscaping next week?

Friday: Arby's on Garey boasts a "Boost Mobile coming soon" sign. I'm glad they are keeping the funky building!

Man, I guess I need to get out more.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Keep Hope, I mean plants, Alive

What happened to the bougainvillea bushes on the Pomona High School fence along Towne Avenue? Today is the first I noticed most all of them are completely dead. Bone dry dead, and not just kinda. They are usually quite vibrant, and combined with the sycamores, make the drive down Towne a bit more pleasant.

Further up Towne, there's a new "NEUROSCIENCE CENTER" whatever that means. The lettering is this reflective orange that seems intent on hypnotizing you as you go down Towne. Kinda weird.

In general, I prefer Garey Avenue to Towne Avenue these days (tho, of course, upper White Ave is my absolutely favorite, given that whoever does the landscaping there knows how to keep stuff alive). People seem more laid back on Garey, even cars getting on the freeway are not as frantically-driven as those that fly down Towne. Garey isn't perfect either. The vines in the new planters in front of Planned Parenthood are not far behind the Pomona High bougainvillea. And most every building and lot that has sat empty on Garey in the 10 years we've lived here still sits empty, with the exception of a Dialysis Center or two. But on the upside, the new Chase Bank is probably only weeks away from opening, and Pomona Valley Hospital appears to be embarking on new development north of the hospital. So kinda hopeful.

As for Lincoln Park, a little bungalow across from the park is priced at 380,000, so prices are coming up again. Whoever flipped it confused a craftsman with a victorian and painted it all sorts of different colors, two of them shades of purple. Kinda funky.

THE END And here is the rest of it.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Wondering if anyone else has noticed the uptick of helicopter activity in Pomona skies. The noisy work of a better economy I'm thinking.

Other unfortunate events of late:

Speaking of big birds, one of the Lincoln Park peacocks was run over by a car and died. It happened near Frantz Cleaners at Garey and Monroe. I thought that street was going to be closed off already? Apparently the peacocks go there to eat flowers out of the Frantz Cleaners' flower boxes. I've never seen the peacocks that far from the park myself. We could use a few "Please slow down for Peacock" signs in the area, not that it will ever happen. Perhaps some of the corner houses will replace their "Norma Torres for Senate" signage with cautionary peacock signs. I would argue that it would do a lot more good for the community. What I will most remember about Norma Torres is the letter from a then-9-year-old neighbor boy who she didn't even bother to answer or write back when she was mayor. I may agree with her politics, but I disagree with how she represents our district as a person.

By the way, I was told that when Animal Control came to get the injured peacock (that later died), they tried to gather the other peacocks to take them away as well. As if!!! Having had the misfortune of dealing with the Inland Valley Humane Society when our dog was found sitting in one of their cells with a gaping wound from being hit by a car and having to BEG them to stitch her up before moving her, well I would not wish that shelter on any animal, especially the Lincoln Park peacocks. I am told Paula Lantz ran interference and saved the peacocks from what could have been ultimate doom.

Has anyone seen the peacocks around since? I have heard what sounds like a peacock crying after dark for the past several nights. Perhaps they are still trying to find the dead peacock, or grieving over his death. Sad.

Like many who knew of his work, I am bummed about the City of Pomona's former parks, recs and streets director Darryl Grigsby moving on to another job in San Luis Obispo. I can't blame him and wish him the best. Just when I had resigned myself to expecting nothing from my city government, I found out about Darryl's good works and experienced a glimmer of hope. Question is will the City of Pomona carry on his legacy of bike-friendliness and committment to informing Lincoln Park residents when our park is sprayed with herbicides? Only time will tell, but I doubt it. The Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition remains and will continue to conduct regular community rides. The trick, however, is finding Pomona streets safe enough to ride on in order to join up with the coalition group in the first place, given the absence of bike paths in Pomona. Anyone know the status of the bike path network in Pomona?

Lastly, to end on a positive note: garage sale weekend this Saturday and Sunday. THE END

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Pomona Courts to Close

Per the LA Times, all Pomona courtrooms will be closing. This can't be good news for local restaurants - tho as a recent prospective juror I saw no outreach to jurors by local businesses. However, certainly the court closures will result in some loss of revenue for the city. Not to mention we will have to travel further for jury duty.

I wonder where Pomona cases will now be heard? We're not alone on this one: 9 other L.A. County cities will lose their courtrooms too, including Beverly Hills. Still, I am surprised Pomona was one of the ones picked.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fair Weather Friends

When did "The Pomona Fairplex" become "Fairplex So Cal?" It makes it sound like they are embarrassed about being in Pomona. Kinda reminds me of

the Golden State Warriors basketball team. They're in Oakland, but they don't want to come out and say it.

And now the team wants to move out of Oakland to a glitzy new stadium in San Francisco come 2017. Since they never wanted to be in Oakland in the first place.

Me? I will take underdog cities Oakland and Pomona over San Francisco and Claremont any day of the week.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Get Out and Vote Today Pomona

The polling place for my part of Lincoln Park is Emerson Elementary, back bungalow. It seemed a bit disorganized there at 7:30 a.m., plus they opened late, but as always it feels good to vote. And the sticker is so cool!

I was careful to check the chads as I was voting. The only one that gave me trouble was the assembly seat. I'd be interested if anyone else had a chad issue on that race. Must say I surprised myself with who I voted for with regard to the Lincoln Park city council seat. And, I really didn't know how I was going to go on mayor until I was literally voting.

At least a couple of the propositions provide me with hope for real change should they pass. Not so much any of the other items/offices on the ballot.

There is some change in Pomona though, in that a number of businesses have opened this month and some of the old businesses are giving themselves face lifts. While you are out and about voting, check out the major remodel going on at the McDonald's on Garey, the nearly year long remodel at Planned Parenthood near completion, with trellises that will hopefully house live plants along the front of the building. Del Taco just got painted and is even advertising their new look, Big 5 on Foothill has opened, as has Dollar General Market on Arrow and Garey (review coming shortly).


Friday, November 02, 2012

Historic Home Tour Sunday: History, Art and Solar Panels

This Sunday is the Pomona Heritage Historic Home Tour. Pomona Heritage is kind of a like a homeowners association for historic home and business owners in Pomona. There are five Lincoln Park homes on the tour this year, including one of five solar-powered Regenerative Living Cooperatives. Also on tour, the renovated Mayfair Hotel (owned by a Lincoln Park family, giving the tour a decidedly Lincoln Park base) and AMOCA museum (home of the awesomist Millard Sheets mural). A great blend of history, art and environmental living.

I know there are mixed feelings about some of the particulars of the historic ordinance, with a few property owners getting caught up in red tape when they try to make changes or improvements to their piece of Pomona. This Sunday, we put all that aside and honor how good our neighborhoods look in the first place. Many years ago, a group of Pomona homeowners got together and fought an uphill battle to get Lincoln Park historic designation. It's hard to imagine but there were actually some neighbors vehemently against it. Certainly even the naysayers can look around now and see the obvious benefits. The Ordinance isn't perfect, nothing is, but at least we have one. I see a similar battle being waged currently in terms of those of us hoping drought tolerant and edible landscapes prevail over chemically-fed, water-intensive lawns.

So come out Sunday to check out the fancy wood work and even fancier drip irrigation systems.


Thursday, November 01, 2012

Looks Like Lincoln Park Survived Another Halloween

Halloween is the biggest holiday in Lincoln Park, putting Xmas and Giving Thanks to shame. The 200 and 300 blocks of East Jefferson is ground zero, with the City blocking them off to car traffic in recent years.

I live on a nearby street where we do not get nearly as many trick or treaters. From what I hear, Jefferson gets upwards of 1500 tricker treaters, not to mention all the double and triple dippers. We're Pomonans after all! This year, thanks to a tip from another Lincoln Park mom, I shopped Pomona for my Halloween candy: 100 individually-wrapped gummy fangs for 99 cents a box at the 99 Cent Store on Foothill just west of Garey. I dare anyone to beat that deal, or the probable toxicity of the ingredients.

This Lincoln Park lawn was really multi tasking, with Halloween decorations, a sign advertising for the Home Tour and Pro Pomona Public Library signs.

Mr. Big went as Dr. Who (the 11th doctor) this year, thanks to Quality Thrift Store down on Easterly Holt Avenue (not sure if it's in Montclair or Pomona). Quality is hands-down the best thrift store in the area. Be sure to have them text you a discount coupon while you're there.

Even empowered as Dr. Who, Mr. Big refused to go to a certain house on the 300 block of Jefferson where teenagers have been known to chase little ones down the street with chain saws. He seems to have been permanently traumatized by that. But as scary as Halloween in Lincoln Park can be, our Pomona city government is still the scariest trick about living in Pomona. If only the city government were as child-friendly, creative and community-building as Halloween in Lincoln Park. Now that would be a real treat!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Pomona's Growing Community Gardens and Shrinking Smoke Shops

I realize I am probably a couple years after the fact, but the pictured community garden made me do an impromptu u-turn Saturday. I caught it out of the corner of my eye while driving by on Holt, since it is located only a half block north of Holt on Center Street. I snapped photos with my cell phone, but this photo from the garden's website is taken from a better angle and captures how the garden actually looks right now.

The Center Street Community Gardens appear well-tended and loved. Per their site, they have Saturday work days, and locals can buy their own little plot of Pomona heaven for a mere $15.

An L.A. County registry of community gardens lists another Pomona community garden as being at 1170 W. Fremont Street (cross South Hamilton). I've never seen it, except on google earth just now, but I think this garden is connected with South Hills Presbyterian Church.

As for Pomona's most famous community garden, Tri-City Community Garden up on North Garey Avenue: I hear Farmer Randy will lease that space for one more year before the garden is closed down permanently in order for Tri-City to build on the plot. I have no idea what will happen to the grove of fruit trees there. In addition to the brick buildings that make up Tri City on upper Garey, there is now a Wellness Center located further down on Garey, south of Orange Grove. Hopefully Tri-City will one day also takeover the land now housing the smoke shop next to the new Wellness Center. That land, if turned into a community garden, would make a complimentary companion to the Wellness Center's site and mission. Unlike the smoke shop there currently, which seems to offer visitors and passersby the choice of wellness behind door number one, or smokes behind door number two. Perhaps these businesses (which literally share a wall with one another) are a symbol of the old and new Pomona. I just hope wellness is the future choice for Pomona.

I have my hands full in my own backyard most days, especially now that I have chickens. But I do get excited when I see another community garden pop up around town and a chance that another smoke shop will bite the dust.

I guess we are lucky that there are so many vacant lots and potential farmers here in Pomona, and thus so much potential for more and more community gardens. So that's a good news day when I realize we have two more c.g.'s than I even thought we did. If you know of any more, please let me know. If you are alive and reading this blog, please let me know that too. Surely not everyone has given up their privacy rights and moved to Facebook have they?



Friday, October 12, 2012

Pomona TMZ

TMZ or Thirty Mile Zone is a union term referring to the 30 mile radius around Los Angeles used by the movie industry to determine per diem rates and driving distances for crew members. Previous to 2011, Pomona fell just outside the TMZ, which ended just west of the 57, and meant film companies were reluctant or unable to film here.

But in 2011, Pomona (which is 39.8 miles from the TMZ bullseye of La Cienega and Beverly Boulevards in Los Angeles) and several other outside cities were grandfathered in to the TMZ. According to the Urban Dictionary, the TMZ represents the "epicenter of Hollywood." So, apparently, Pomona's star has been born. The result of this should be more filming around town, something I've already noticed. Unfortunately, the greater L.A. area has taken a dip in local filming in general, so this might be another case of bad timing.

Some of us have had film scout Victoria Howard of Film Pomona inside our homes and businesses to preliminarily scout for future productions. The Film Pomona site has cinematic photographs of various Pomona locales, in addition to our local talent. Which got me thinking certain Pomona politicos would sure make great character actors: Robert Torres wouldn't even need to go thru hair and make-up to play a budding mortician, Steve Atcheley could star in the remake of the Absent-Minded Professor, and don't even get me started on Elliott Rothman.

In news from a 30 mile zone within Pomona, a local teenager on a fixie bike was hit by a Claremont Dial A Ride bus on Tuesday night in the Lincoln Park district. My friend, neighbor and local Trader Joe's guy stayed with the boy until the ambulance came to take him to be airlifted. I'm sad because I've seen this kid and his friends ride by on their fixies nearly every afternoon and they seem like sweet kids. Has anyone heard how he's doing?

FYI, fixies are fixed-gear bikes, meaning they have no gears. They are technically brakeless, but there is a way to brake on them. They tend to have fun, fluoresecent frames and tire striping and are trendy among young people right now. Pomona's fixie scene is centered at the fixie bike store on Garey, north of AMOCA. The store is so hip and underground I couldn't even find a name, address or phone for it on the internet. Guess you have to ride there on your fixie to find out. I see fixies as a great trend, other than the part of the trend involving not wearing a helmet.

So as you ride around the TMZ, please watch out for bike riders, since Pomona still has no bike paths (subject of an upcoming post), and see if you notice the following in your travels:

-Chase Bank's intention-to-build sign at the corner of Foothill and Garey. -The new Big 5 which was built from the ground-up on Foothill -A "Dollar General" store going in where the former Pomona Ranch Market was at Garey and Arrow. -A somewhat mysterious, handwritten "Karsof" sign on an otherwise non-descript, newly painted blue, office complex on upper Towne Avenue.

Hopefully these are all real businesses that we can patronize, and not just Pomona's latest movie sets.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Searching for Signs of Change in Pomona

Happy Fall: my favorite time of year in Pomona. The weather cools, the leaves change color, the fair comes and goes (tho why they pick the hottest month of the year to showcase our city has always puzzled me), pumpkin patching at Cal Poly, trick or treating in Lincoln Park, the historic home tour, blah blah blah.

The only thing I dislike about Fall in Pomona is the campaign signs all over, most notably in the vacant lots and doubled up in the yards of corner houses. This year is no different, with many signs, containing familiar names and surnames. Which is, of course, a disappointment to those of us hoping for change this election. I guess I'm envious of my fellow Pomonans who are so gung ho about the "same old, same old" as to decorate their yard with the candidate's name for two months straight. Personally, I find a carpet of leaves in my yard so much more inspiring.

The only candidate I can get excited about is John Nolte. Problem is he is not running in my Lincoln Park district, so I can't even vote for him. If you haven't already done so, check out his website which appears at my right side bar. John Nolte is eerily representative of so many of the Pomona parents I know: parents of young children who despite our enthusiasm and ideas about Pomona are given no voice by the current city government and are increasingly fed-up. Parents who take our most valuable resource, our children, outside of Pomona to homeschool or attend neighboring school districts where they are the leaders, artists, athletes, musicians and over-achievers that benefit another city than Pomona. Parents who try our best to shop in Pomona, but are forced to shop in other cities because so many businesses avoid or have fled from Pomona. Parents who know Pomona can do better for the children than the most recent city council decisions that bring more trucks, trash and liquor into the City.

Too bad I am prevented from voting from this worthy candidate of change. And no, I don't personally know Mr. Nolte.

So as I maneuver the mean, sign-filled streets of Pomona, I still find myself looking for that last-minute, grassroots, write-in candidate to believe in. You know the one that's going to wrap their hands around Pomona and make it all better? The candidate that thinks the children running around on Pomona lawns are more important than the campaign signs stuck in them. If you hear about such a person, please let me know. Better yet, make signs, put two of them on the corner houses and in every vacant lot in the city, and we might just have a contender! Otherwise I'm writing in 10 year old Mr. Big, who supports the historic districts, is vehemently opposed to the Regional Trash Transfer Station and won't burden Pomona with a single campaign sign.


Monday, August 13, 2012

And They Say There's No Stores In Pomona

A neighbor told me about the Santa Fe Outlet on Holt Street. I have passed it a billion times on Holt and Reservoir, and seen in their window a variety of odds (like a huge Mario Bros. statue) and ends (yep, it is in prime street-walking territory and you'll see at least one gal in a too tight skirt). Upon walking inside I was asking myself how I never knew that Pomona had a department store. I mean this place has everything, a lot of it Costco remainders. I saw lots of things I no longer need, but mentally took notes of things I might need in the future. In the end, all I bought was a 50 cent bottled water as the place was not well-air conditioned and I was so mesmerized by aisle after aisle of stuff to buy in Pomona to help save the library, that I thought I was going to faint. Santa Fe Outlet at Holt and Reservoir Streets, only in Pomona. Check it out!

On the way back home, I noticed that the new "Fallas Paredes" store was having it's grand opening. Now I had no idea what a Fallas Paredes was, or what it means in Spanish (not sure if my husband was playing with me, but he said it had no Spanish translation). Well it turns out Fallas Paredes is a two story urban clothing store chain that also has a home goods section. But the real star of the show is their awesome air conditioning that darn near blew me around the clothes racks.

I am a bit confused because I had originally heard that a Big Lots was going into that space (it's the lot next to the Historical Society and across from the 99 Cents Store on HOlt). Although Big Lots may have been more useful, the reviews on yelp for Fallas' downtown L.A. Store are mostly super enthusiastic, almost having a cult like appeal. And while some of the stuff I saw at Fallas was beyond garish, I actually found two cool $4 graphic tees for Mr. Big's back to school wardrobe. However, the line at he register was so long with Pomona shoppers paying Pomona sales tax, that I plan to go back there later today to purchase them. So hands off the Dr. Swagger shirts if you are reading this!!

I invite comments on ways we can spend money in Pomona that others might not know about. I just read that the Elephant Bar in MONTCLAIR will donate a portion of their sales to the Pomona Library fund. While I appreciate this gesture, it seems counter-productive to Pomona. Why give away Pomona sales tax to other cities in the first place when we can shop and eat in Pomona?

Now excuse me while I head off to the La Verne Staples to get some work supplies, since the Pomona Staples closed and became a thrift store. Speaking of which, Charity Thriftstore, new to Upper Towne Avenue as of June 2012, is yet another fun place to shop and support all things Pomona.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Pomona's Finest

Not sure how many liquor stores have to come and go from the southeast corner of Palomares and Holt before entrepeneurs everywhere realize that corner will no longer support a liquor store or a smoke shop.

The latest venture there was a liquor store catering to the Holt Street crowd that called itself "Pomona's Finest." This always made me laugh (still does since the sign and spiffy red and white paint job remain behind). I always wondered if the business owner meant it to be ironic, or if it just came out that way.

The name worked on several different levels actually, given that Pomona's other Finest (the police) were often out in front of the place questioning people.

Thanks to Daniel Ross for today's photograph of Pomona's Finest. Seems the now deceased business inspired him to write a $75 book entitled Pomona's Finest.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rising Prices, Falling Fences in Lincoln Park

A few months back, one of Lincoln Park's Grande Dams (pictured above) sold for a whopping $625,000. While another house that is even more origional inside, is currently on the market for 650 K.

Once sold, the new owners of the one pictured promptly set out to build a large fence around the entire property. But with the usual ying/yang of life, two other fences erected in Lincoln Park since we have lived here were recently taken down: one in the 300 block of E. Jefferson (a white picket L shaped fence) and the other in the 200 block of E. Lincoln (a white vinyl number whose removal I am told was met with applause).

So here's a cheer for houses topping the 600 K mark in Lincoln Park!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

With the Wind In Their Hair

All around Pomona, but especially in the Lincoln Park District, I am noticing kids under 18 years old riding bicycles without helmets on. Of course this includes teenagers, who want to look cool I geuss, but even younger kids are going helmetless.

As a mom, this drives me nuts! Not only does it make me wonder where the parents are (and don't I sound like my parents now), but makes me think the Pomona public schools are not doing a good job of teaching how lifesaving the helmets can be.

Here's the statue on the California Bike Law. What's so cool about it is 75% of the money goes to the County of Education towards awareness programs (which are obviously needed) and some 20% goes to the City where the ticket was given. I'm not sure what percentage of traffic tickets goes back to the City of Pomona usually, but I suspect it's low.

Hopefully a Pomona cop will start noticing all the kids riding around town with the wind in their hair and do something about it.

I really do.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Painting the Town (pink and green?)

Driving down Garey, from a distance, I thought they had erected a retro Motel 6. Once I got closer, it turned out to be the new paint job on the old PFC bank building, now occupied by AMOCA (American Museum of Ceramic Art) and Western University. I love that the arts district is moving closer and closer to Lincoln Park, and that AMOCA has saved that building and the awesome mural inside. But the paint color choice has me puzzled. The green is the same color green as the trim on the YMCA building across the street, Ok, makes sense, I get it. But combining it with two colors of pepto bismo peach? Just not working for me.

Went to the Downtown Arts Walk last night. We had planned to go the the grand re-opening of AMOCA, but it was closed by the time we finished up on Second Street and drove back up Garey. My friends from Long Beach came out for the "Magulandia" art show at the DA. I never would have known about it, but my friends said they read about it in the Times.

Artist Gilbert "Magu" Lujan lived and worked in Pomona (by way of East L.A.), until he died in late July. The show is a fundraiser for his medical and burial expenses. I loved the show, his muscle car sculptures and other Chicano art definitely make me want to take the train to see the metro station he designed at Hollywood and Vine.

This is a nice clip about him:


For other info, you can go to the Magulandia site.

The show goes to the end of the month. It will make you proud to be from Pomona too. Motel 6 paint jobs and all!


And here is the rest of it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Secret No More

I am coming out of retirement because my fingers just can not sit still about someone chopping down John Greenlee's secret garden. Minutes ago, I drove down Franklin Street and saw that the once secret garden is well in the midst of being killed. What was once a beautiful meadow by the nationally known "Grass Guru" (a Pomona homeboy/ favorite son!!) is now chopped stumps and dirt. The privacy that was afforded by the large plantings there has been stripped away to expose the nothingness that remains. So Sad!!! Yet another righteous and cool thing about Pomona that has been destroyed. For what?

Hopefully Ren can get us some photoraphs of the destruction, as my guess is that they'll be at it again on Monday...But for now, here's a link to what was once a Pomona beauty.

And now that the secret is out of the bag, to get to the formerly secret meadow, you go down Garey towards the 60 fwy, turn left on Franklin and it's on the left side about 10 houses down. And don't forget to keep an eye out for bamboo house (across the street and closer to Garey), another Greenlee/Simple creation.


Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Bloggers' Wonderland

A reminder that the Pomona holiday parade is this Saturday, December 11, 2010, traveling down 2nd Street in downtown. The various people from the variety of blogs about town, including this goddess and Mr. Big, are going to have an entry. Look for wreaths and trees decorated with computer paraphernelia, lots of blue T-shirts and a banner donning our above-pictured Pomona bloggers union logo (thanks Arts Colonist bloggers).

Here's the line up of Mayor Moochie's most wanted (compliments of Original Skrip):

I'm not too nervous, as there are usually more people IN the Pomona parade than watching the parade. Nevertheless, I need to get back to practicing my smiles and waves to the people along the street who will likely be wondering who we even are.

In any event, I get to check off yet another item from my Pomona wish list: a bloggers float in the parade. About time.

And here is the rest of it.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Pomona's Charlie Brown Tree Lot

Abandoned Christmas Tree Project
Originally uploaded by m.ariii
I got kind of excited when John Clifford blogged about the ever-deserted gas station at the corner of Alvarado and Garey being a Christmas tree lot this year. This is the only sign of life there in the 7 years we have lived there, unless you want to count the semi-trucks that park there from time to time and the active decay situation with the grounds themselves.

But driving by today on my way to and from Stater Bros., I was kinda disappointed that the tree lot people had not made more of an effort to make the abandoned gas station itself more festive. Aside from a plastic poster of Santa Claus on the front door, the place looks it's same, sad, abandoned self.

I was thinking we would buy a small tree at that lot this year, but if they are going to put that little merry into it, maybe we just go with our original plan of buying a small live tree at Home Depot. Either way, Pomona gets my tax dollars.

And as for the $400 I just paid L.A. County for a speeding ticket for going 44 miles down Towne, well I'm still too mad to blog about that. Just trying to think of it as my Christmas gift to Pomona, should they get some small portion of the proceeds.


Friday, December 03, 2010

Pomona Hopes Dashed Again

Just caught the Daily Bulletin article on Chivas USA backing out
of being the grand marshals of our upcoming Pomona Holiday Parade. Poor Mona, once again left at the alter. But this made me remember how much energy and spirit came from Snoop Doggy Dog's football league bus that was in the parade last year. Why just settle for the bus with a 10 foot photo of Snoop on the back. Why not ask Snoop to be the grand marshal? EVen tho he's not from Pomona (and was actually a former Claremonter, double-gated La Vernite and now Diamond Barrian), at least he's local and most importantly, I think he'd actually do it. Other recommendations for grand marshal that are more Pomonish:

Sugar Shane Mosely, boxer from Pomona

Jessica Alba, actress from Pomona

Steve Julian, public radio man from Pomona

Pomona Children's librarian Miss Lois (even tho that means we'd miss her on the blogger's float)

The Hughes Bros., Pomona (before their mom did the moving-to-Claremont-thing) filmmakers gone big budget.

Underdog (probably the most doable if we can find someone with a costume)

But if no one asks any of them, it can never be. Here's hoping for a worthy grand marshal to step up to the plate. Aim high, Pomona. I swear it won't hurt when we fall. We're used to it.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Quiet Skies of Pomona

I am enjoying the mostly quiet skies over Pomona these days and nights. Seems the budget has grounded the police helicopters for the most part. I honestly thought the helicopter was mostly a scam anyway. I can not tell you how many times I would look for what had happened in the newspaper the next morning and there would be absolutely nothing that warranted the rukus that had been made the night before.

It used to be that within 15 minutes of putting Mr. Big to bed I would hear the copter start up. And Sunday nights, for whatever reason, the bird could be heard without fail.

Another apparent victim of the recession, Montiel's Mattress on Garey, just south of the library, has closed. It has already been replaced by a thrift store. No word yet on whether they sell mattresses. But who needs a new mattress when these quiet nights in Pomona make getting to sleep such a breeze? Perhaps it was these quiet Pomona nights that put Montiel's out of business in the first place.

Of course now I'm hearing helicopters in the distance approaching...


And here is the rest of it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Pomona Dream Realized?

Driving down Garey, I noticed there is now a kids store downtown, on Garey around 2nd or 3rd Street. Yet another sign of life down town. I even hear that kids are beginning to live downtown. I tend to believe this, since Mr. Big and I met one 8 year old the other day. A real live kid who lives downtown that is. And it's not every day Big meets another kid who has seen movies at the Pomona Fox, bands at Thomas Plaza and

regularly eats at Pho Vi. It kind of seems like a play date is in order, if we ever run into this kid again and if he can fit us into his culturally busy lifestyle downtown. Perhaps they can even go fishing in Lake Pomona once the rain fills it back up. Maybe they'll catch one of Tim Saunders' signs. In Pomona, the possibilities are endless.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Case of the Lincoln Park Peacocks

This morning while sitting on the couch, I heard what sounded like a small party horn. Mr. Big, the human party horn, was upstairs at the time, so I knew it wasn't him. When the horn sounded again, I looked out our back window to find a peacock in our backyard. After running upstairs to get Big, we discovered three more circling the house.

We have seen the four roaming peacocks (or peahens, not sure if they spread out all the way) in Lincoln Park for a couple of months now. They are usually in front of Ted Pugh's old Lincoln Park castle. Their presence outside Ted's old place is pretty cool, given his history with peacocks. I'm not sure if the four of them just happened to naturally find themselves at Ted's, or whether they have been purchased by the occupants of Ted's house. We were close enough to the birds today to see that they are tagged, since most of the morning was spent watching the birds hang out around our house. I was suprised that they walked within four feet of us.

At one point, two of the peacocks struck a pose on our front porch wall and the other two were vogue-ing on our first floor roof (in between looking in our sleeping porch windows). And stupid me had to leave both of my digital cameras locked up at work this weekend!!! I know you can photoshop such things, but I am hellbent on getting that perfect picture of them in front of our house. IF they ever come back.

During their two hour visit, I kept thinking how their almost mythical presence really did make me feel like the goddess of Pomona - at least for today - and that maybe I should try harder to figure out what the heck has been going on with this blog.

Here is what I know. About six months ago, I logged on the blog and saw that a photograph of Gumby over a city skyline had replaced my screen photo. I laughed and changed it back, and didn't think much about it. Then a couple months ago, I tried to log in, but I was locked out. Tonight, thanks to the Lincoln Park peacocks, I finally got down to business, figured it out and here I am posting again.

THE END And here is the rest of it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Recent events out of Bell, California sound way too familiar and leave me hopeful that the corruption here in Pomona will finally be investigated by an outside agency.

And then there will be liberty and justice for all (and likely jail time for a few).


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ethan's Growing Legacy for Pomona

Four years and much collective sadness ago, Ethan Esparza was killed in a driveby shooting the day before his 4th birthday, while attending his own birthday party in the front yard of his grandmother's Pomona home.

At the time that it happened, my Mr. Big had celebrated his own 4th birthday just weeks earlier, 8 blocks -and apparently worlds- away, in the front yard of our Lincoln Park home.

Ethan's death triggered lots of talk about enough being enough, and a banding together of local church and community leaders to find a solution. The most visible legacy of Ethan today is the Tri City Community Gardens at 2008 North Garey Avenue in Pomona. Tri City "Victory" Gardens is the lovechild of local cattle farmer Randy Bekendam, who was inspired by Ethan's story.

Garden photos courtesy of the Tri City blog site, unknown photographer. With what I am told was little support from the City of Pomona, Farmer Randy had trouble finding any where that would even allow him to build the gardens. How typical Pomona dysfunctional is that? As a result, the gardens are tucked away; if you blink as you drive up Garey, you will miss them. But if you stop and go inside, you will see an orchard, a succulent labyrinth, various farm plots and sporadic gardeners growing hope amidst the vegetables there.

Truth be told, there has not been overwhelming participation in the gardens by local residents. Other than a few visits there myself, I have not been involved as I thought I would be. One family here in Lincoln Park has been deeply engaged in the gardens, and that is how I have kept informed about what is going on there.

Sadly, changes in staffing at the mental health facility have resulted in young patients not using the gardens for therapy as they once did when it first opened. Recently, however, a woman from nearby Berkeley Avenue laid claim to a plot, which she tends alongside neighborhood children from her violence-prone street.

Over the past couple of months, a group of children have been painting the north wall at the Tri City gardens (see today's photo). The wall painting is part of environmental art classes hosted by Otterspace Arts. Mr. Big attended a class last week. Otterspace Arts is run by two former school teachers, trying to make a difference by bringing the arts back to local children. Check out their class schedule and get on their mailing list here.

No arrests were ever made in Ethan's case, until yesterday, when one man was taken into custody for the murder. The arrest has brought Ethan's story to the forefront once again.

At the garden last week, a large sunflower stood tall and proud in the middle of the vegetable beds (you can see it in the above photo). The sunflower immediately made me think about Ethan. I have no idea if Ethan's family has been to the community gardens that Ethan inspired. I'd like to think that big, beautiful, and oh so hopeful looking sunflower could bring them some needed solace.

If you would like to get involved in Pomona's community garden, Tri City holds work days every first Saturday of the month. If you can't get there in person, you can always go there via youtube. Please note that this video was shot last year, before Pomona's most hopeful sunflower came to life.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

From The Fillmore to the Pomona Fox

Tonight, Owl City played The Fillmore in San Francisco. Tomorrow night, they play at our very own Pomona Fox. It will be Mr. Big's first rock concert. Mr. Big happened upon Adam Young and Owl City, and is completely smitten, so I couldn't resist buying tickets as a Spring Break treat. I have no idea if there will be other 7 year olds in attendance. And I wonder how many others from Pomona will be in the audience. I just know they'll be at least one goddess, one Mr. Big and a whole lot of fireflies filling up the night air tomorrow night at the Fox. I can't wait!

And here is the rest of it.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Things to Remember in February besides your red umbrella

Hope no one's getting too excited just because I've posted two times in as many days. Please don't announce my "comeback" Mr. Allen, for you might jinx it again. If I can only figure out how to post from my new upgraded phone, we're really in business (is anyone out there using mobile blogger yet, I keep sending posts but they never make their way to the blog.)

Just some goings on in February besides the rain.

Starting on the next non rainy day in February, there will be ongoing free yoga and hoola hooping by donation in Lincoln Park on Saturday mornings. Bring your hips, your excess weight, your kids, everyone is welcome. Last I heard things were going to start with the yoga at 10, followed by the hoola hooping. Don't worry about the hoop, she'll have amazing professional grade hoops there for you to try out. And as for today's photo, perhaps we should add knitting to the mix too.

Tomorrow will be the Laura Ingalls Wilder Sociable at the Pomona Public Library. We attended a couple times in the past --even met some prairie-house-diehards from South Orange County. That was weird. As is my usual goal, I am going to try to get down there tomorrow, with the motivation being that they will be serving gingerbread cookies from the Pomona Bakery. Which beats the store bought SUGAR cookies from two years ago any day of the week.

The Dickens Festival will be going on in downtown Riverside all weekend, another one of my favorite places, even though the new remodel of the outdoor mall is rather boring. Never gone to the Dickens Festival, but maybe this will be the year. Okay, well probably not. If you do go down there, be sure to check out the used bookstore on the Marriott end of Main Street. I love their funky collection of owls and the great sitting area for the kids. And if you like to look at cool gift stuff, Miss Tigglywinkles (I think I got that right) is worth a peek. Lunch at Simple Simon's is always good and kinda makes me feel like I'm in the Bay Area. (Hopefully Pomona Bakery will be this large one day.)

On Sunday, it's off to downtown to get my hair cut for Haiti for $20 at Savoie on 3rd Street.

And lastly, before I fall off the face of the earth and don't post for another 3 months, I wanted to announce that
there will be a Pirate Band at the Art Walk next weekend. My thanks to Larry Egan over at Metro Pomona for honoring (and remembering) his promise to let me know when the pirate band came back since we missed their last performance downtown. Mr. Big is psyched.

Other than that, see you around campus everyone.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Straight to Video

Last month, we were looking into signing Mr. Big up for Pomona little league. We debated because the rules turn out to be very strict in terms of where you live and where you play. Pomona has two options: a field at Indian Hill and San Bernardino; the other at Ted Greene Park on Orange Grove below Arrow. I geuss you can see where this is going if you read the Daily Bulletin. The problem is that Lincoln Park kids are only allowed to play at the Indian Hill location, and not the Ted Greene Park locale, which is much closer. Husband and I both agreed that the intersection of Indian Hill and San Berdo is like the sleaziest one in Pomona. And actually, that intersection is at the crossroads of Pomona, Montclair and Claremont, so the scene there is a tri-city production. Really, that particular area of town is the only part of Pomona that gives me the eebie geebies (besides Phillips Ranch, of course). So, in the end, we decided to forego baseball this year, since we couldn't play at Ted Greene Park.

So then last week I read about the double homicide shooting at Ted Greene Park last Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon.

Then this week, the Pomona City Council, rather than talking about THAT shooting, are talking about a film shooting instead. They have apparently decided to give $13,000 in community redevelopment funds to a film company -- all for the honor of gracing us with their presence to film for a few days. Sometimes it seems like the Council purposely does things to land themselves a spot in David Allen's column, which I suppose is better than the police blotter.

Even 7 year old Mr. Big knows that a friend you buy is not worth having. When some kid recently asked Mr. Big for his chocolate pudding in exchange for being his friend, Mr. Big refused. (Big would never make it in Pomona politics; he likes chocolate pudding too much.) I don't see why Pomona has to bend over backwards on this one. I can see if we are talking an entire film festival, but we are talking about one low budget film.

Even Big can do the math: Pomona's $13,000 would be better spent on hiring a part time recreation director at Ted Greene Park, or improving the sound system at the Fox Theater for next year's Smogdance.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicken versus Pizza

Today's photo is of my favorite tree in all of Pomona (at the corner of Mission and Towne), with a backdrop of Pomona's newest (that I know of) restaurant: Capitan Pollo. This restaurant takes the place of the chinese restaurant that was there before, called "Bamboo" something or other. I haven't tried the place yet, but I have been admiring their posters depicting chicken wrestlers and a chicken bicyclist.

As for other Pomona "restaurants," I only have a short story to add to the discussion about Angelo's Pizzeria. Over the Summer, I attended a Saturday Night Art Walk with a girl friend. We ended up parking on 2nd Street, on the east side of Garey, right across the street from Angelo's Pizzeria. As we were loading our kids into the car to go home at about 8:30 p.m., our attention was drawn to a group of 5 or 6 boisterous men emerging from Angelo's holding up one incredibly drunk woman. She could barely walk, and she had a good 20 years on the guys around her, so I hoped she was one of the surrounding men's mother. Following closely after this group, was a group of fewer men, but also escorting out a lone woman who could barely stand up (this woman was much younger than the first one). I can not remember the last time I saw someone as incredibly out-of-it as these two women. My friend and I got in the car, looked at each other and asked the same question at the same time: "Rohypnal?"

In the midst of getting our little ones in the car, we didn't see what cars these people got into, so it would have been futile to call the police. But the whole scene was disturbing. Even the kids thought something very weird was going on!

So I'm thinking that the next time I want pizza, I'll pick up some of the Capitan's chicken instead.

and p.s. Just to be clear: The Art Walk is a very family friendly event, the incident at Angelo's was NOT in any way related to the Art Walk.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just wondering

I see quite a few For Sale signs around Lincoln Park all of a sudden. Some in front of the houses of people I know, but obviously not well enough to know why they are selling. Then I was looking on the MLS for what is for sale in Lincoln Park in general, and saw even more listings of houses (and people) I know here in "the L.P."

I just wonder if the market is turning back around, or whether it's that my neighbors' lives are changing.

As for me, I'll be staying put long enough to plant a real live working garden in our backyard this year, with the help of the Goddess of Garey Avenue of all people. Two goddesses that aren't moving out of the neighborhood quite yet.