Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fair Weather Friends

When did "The Pomona Fairplex" become "Fairplex So Cal?" It makes it sound like they are embarrassed about being in Pomona. Kinda reminds me of

the Golden State Warriors basketball team. They're in Oakland, but they don't want to come out and say it.

And now the team wants to move out of Oakland to a glitzy new stadium in San Francisco come 2017. Since they never wanted to be in Oakland in the first place.

Me? I will take underdog cities Oakland and Pomona over San Francisco and Claremont any day of the week.



Unknown said...

well i have lived in oakland and pomona and loved both places. Claremont and SF are nice to visit and have a pint!

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is it is difficult to attract conferences and exhibitions to Pomona. Just knowing it is in Pomona causes event planners to not even give its wonderful facilities a look. Because of its reputation businesses would rather locate their event in Ontario, Pasadena, Anaheim or even Los Angeles. I suppose by identifying it only as "So Cal" the thought is more events will at least take a look and and once they see how great the campus is they then will sign up and give Pomona a chance. In the long run it helps the local Pomona economy and maybe after the city turns around its horrible reputation to outsiders Fairplex will again be proud to be identified as a part of it.